ONE Good Idea Really Can Change Your Life!

ONE Good Idea Really Can Change Your Life!

Have you ever felt like you just cannot find that one thing that will help you achieve your goals?
Felt like everything you have tried should have worked but, for some unexplainable reason, it didn’t
work for you?

I know exactly how that feels and it is, miserable.

When a person feels like they have “missed it” they remain in a constant state of confusion.

Every selling email from every Internet marketing guru creates the feeling that what they are selling
might be the thing you have been missing and if you don’t buy what they are offering you will miss out
and never make it online.

Every sales letter you read on websites becomes the one thing that might be your last chance to make it
online and enjoy the lifestyle everyone seems to enjoy… except you.

This condition is named ” information overload”

Those feelings that you have “missed it” or that the next thing you buy will do the trick are what drive
people to buy things they don’t need or can’t use, hoping that this time the “system” will work for them.

If you feel that way today I want you to know there is good news.

You have not “missed it”. Your chance at succeeding online has not passed you by.



The only cure for information overload is to learn to focus on one thing at a time.

Success comes most often when we commit, really commit, to one thing and we
are ready to make what it takes to make things happen.

There are two steps you must take to clear up the confusion and begin taking action.

STEP 1 – Find The Right Idea For You.
STEP 2 – Take Immediate And Massive Action To Make That Idea Happens.

It’s just that simple. And it really works.

There are countless examples of people starting with an idea,( Thomas Edison, Bill Gates,
Henry Ford, etc.) believing in that idea and then taking the action needed to make that
dream come true.

And now it’s your turn.

There is no doubt … the starting point of our success is ideas.

ONE good idea really can change everything!

So the first key is to have an idea, AN AREA OF FOCUS. An idea of what you want to accomplish.
An idea of what life would look like if you accomplished this idea.

Some call these ideas, goals or dreams or visions. No matter what you call it, your one good idea
should inspire you. It should provide the energy you need every day to learn what you need to
learn and work as hard as you need to work to not only survive but to thrive!

Your idea, or goal, might be to master the art of email marketing. Great idea!

Your idea might be to become a top performing affiliate marketer. Great idea!

Your idea might be to make a living working at home by providing services others need. Great idea!

There are many ideas of course, and the above examples are only a few of the many ways people can
create their own success online.

The beautiful thing about having ONE great idea is the clarity it brings.

Once you know what you want you will no longer be tempted by what “might” work. You will be too
busy learning the skills needed to be the best in your chosen field.


Make a list of your three best ideas – list your best idea first.
Draw a line through the bottom two.
Do the first one with all your heart.
Once you have accomplished your first idea make a new list!

Now it’s time to take action.


The actions you could take would be according to your economic situation.

If You Have No Money
It is hard to succeed online with no money. No doubt about it. It can be done but it takes
time, work, focus and perseverance. So how can you begin to succeed online if you have no
money to spend?

If you have no money and some time the best places to start are with “article marketing” and “social media”.

Start “making connections” with others who might become your customers in the near future or might share
ideas with you now, about how they are progressing in their journey toward success.

Visit “forums” and find out what people need. Listen to “social networking conversations” and see what people
need that they can’t find. And by all means ASK people what they need so you can offer it to them as an affiliate.

Here are a couple of other ideas.

If You Have Some Money
If you have some money to work with, the best thing you can do is leave the free methods behind
and start learning about the world of paid advertising.
It’s a huge world , and I would suggest you to pick one way with which you feel more comfortable
and apply it until you fully dominate it.

If you have some money , then you are in a position to see fast results. You can expect to spend
part of your budget and get clicks to any site you want to promote quickly.

If You Have A Lot Of Money
If you are among the few who don’t need to make sales right now consider yourself blessed.
You have the luxury of time. You can make a plan and see it through, knowing you will reap even
greater rewards for your patience and integrity.

Here are a few ideas that might help you.

Create the product you needed but could not find when starting out.

Write up an Ebook about how you got to where you are, and give it away.

Hire a writer to write a product you can give away and that can be branded.

No matter where you are today, if you take action on the best idea you have now, your situation
at this time next month will be different. It will be better.

You will begin to make real progress and no longer suffer from information overload. You will have
focus and begin looking forward to every day as a new opportunity to move forward with your idea!

By the way, have you already check out “The FourPercent Challenge?”

This is an awesome Education Center, that provides you all the knowledge, strategies and tools you’ll need
to turn your ONE idea into reality!

– Stella Spilinga