Some Tips About The Process Of Achieving Success

Some Tips About The Process Of Achieving Success


I imagine that perhaps you know or at least you have heard about the Japanese Bamboo.

You don’t need to be an agriculter to know that a good crop requires a good seed, good fertilizer
and watering. Also its obvious that a cultivator doesn’t stand impatiently in front of the cultivated
seed, watering it constantly running the risk to spoil it and shouting with all his energy ¡Grow, dam it!

Isn’t it true?

There is something very curious about what happens with this plant, the Japanesee Bamboo,
that makes it unfit to impatient people, you sow the seed, you fertilize it and you engaged yourself
to water it constantly.

During the first months nothing seems to happen. Actually nothing happens with the seed during
the first seven years, to such extent that an inexpert cultivator should be convinced that he
has bought non fertile seeds.
Notwithstanding, during the seventh year, in a periord of only six weeks the bamboo plant grows
more than 30 meters .

What does it mean? …. that it only takes the plant six weeks to grow?


The truth is that it takes the plant seven years and six weeks to develop. During the first
seven years when nothing seems to be happening, this bamboo was creating a complex system
of roots that will allow it to support the development that it was going to achieve after
seven years.

This process of the bamboo development may be applied to our daily life.

Most of the time we wish to find quick solutions, quick success, without understanding that
success is simply the result of our inner growing, and that this process requires “time”.

See it?

Perhaps for being impatient, a lot of people who want to see results in a short period of time,
they quit just when they were at few steps to reach their goals….. to “take roots”.

It’s difficult to explain to impatient people, that success is only achieved by those who
are perseverant and consistent, by those who know to wait for the right time.

We need to understand that several times we may face situations in which we think that nothing
is happening. And this may be very frustrated. In these moments (that all of us experience in life),
we should have to remember the development cycle of the Japanese Bamboo…..
…..and we have to accept that while we don’t drop our arms , and we don’t quit for not getting
the desired results, something is happening inside ourselves…..we are “growing, maturing”

Success is a process that takes time and dedication.

It’s a process that requires to learn new habits , and lays aside others. It’s a process that
requires changes, action and patience , and that it’s called “Time”.

We are leaving in a very excited world. Unconsciously we hurry on our kids’ development,
we hurry on the taxi driver, we ourselves do everything quickly, without knowing why.
We lose faith when we don’t get the result in the expected time, we abandon our dreams,
we generate “stress”……

What for?…….

I propose you to try to recover the perseverance , the wait , the acceptation…..

What do you think?…….

If you don’t get what you wish, don’t lose hope……Perhaps you are only “taking roots”…… like
the Japanese Bamboo, in order to reach success!!!!!!

As You Sow, so Shall You Reap!!!!!

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To Your Success!!!