What is your ONE thing?

What is your ONE thing?

Big question ……Have you ever made yourself this question?

What is your ONE thing?

I hope you have one. I hope you have a passion that can become your business.

I believe finding your one thing matters for the following reason:
It increases focus which leads to accomplishment

One of the main causes of failure online today is jumping around from one business to another.
It’s all too easy to do.
• The business you are in is not working as you expected yet.
• You get emails making new products sound so wonderful and easy.
• So you make the jump, keeping the old business but “trying” the new one to see if it’s any better.

And so the cycle begins again.
And in this way, you never really give yourself a chance to succeed.

Think about it this way. Let’s say the greatest burger joint in the world, opened at one of the main
corner in your town.
The owner of the new business is excited to be in your town.
Then two weeks later he moves the business to another location.
And two weeks later he moves again. And then again.

Will he succeed? Can he possibly succeed?

Not likely.

In a similar way, people today stay with a business they join for only six to eight weeks and
then jump to another.
No one can answer that success would have been theirs if they stayed

But we know …

No one can succeed online by changing direction every three months or less.
It simply can’t be done.

Your one thing will become you an expert

When you have a passion for a subject, you will naturally become an authority.


Because it’s in your blood. It’s in your mind all the time. You will naturally
drive your attention to information and experts who talk about that topic.

The more you learn the more you will be able to earn.


Because the more you know the more you can share. And sharing what you know is how
the entire process of making money online starts for most people who succeed.

Your one thing will help you make money online faster.

When you get a deep knowledge about a topic you will want to share what you know.

This is THE ESSENSE of making money online.

When you share from your knowledge, you become an authority.
For example:
Having an authority blog is one of the ways to make money online.
When you have a blog that is an authority you can do all kinds of activities that
will make you money.

Once there is SO much knowledge in your head, SO much passion in your soul,
the key is to bring that knowledge and passion to the surface,
bring it to the market and then you can let it make your living for you.

When you find your one thing, and begin making your living doing
and teaching that one thing, your work will literally become a joy.
Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that you will not have to work hard. Sometimes,
specially in the beginning, harder than if you had a job.

But you are doing it because you love your work. You are building a business that
will stand the test of time. A business that has real value.

And those things are MUCH more important than just making money.

I hope you could get some value from this post.

If you wish to share your passion and at the same time make some money….
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– Stella